DOOSAN CNC four-axis lathe, type LYNX 2100LYB

In response to the increased demand and opportunities to improve the range of services by rotating components, our company has welcomed a new “member”, which should increase the scope of services and help us achieve the goals that you, our customers, place on us. At this time, a classic 360 / 1000 mm lathe could not suffice; with this machine, the efficiency of work simply could not meet the performance that was expected from us. That was the reason, why we had to expand our services to include the production of various shapes of rotating parts and at the same time, to ensure maximum speed and efficiency.


  • spindle speed continuously variable: 45-4500 rpm
  • speed of driven tools: 60-6000 rpm
  • diameter of front bearing: 110 mm
  • spindle bore diameter: 76 mm
  • inner diameter of the tow bar: 68 mm
  • working feed in the X/Z axis: 500/500 mm/rev
  • number of driven positions in the tool head: 12 pcs
  • number of positions in the tool head: 24 pcs

CNC machine M8Cube

The DATRON M8 Cube CNC milling machine is a high-performance HSC milling machine offering a versatile use and exceptional efficiency.

Production efficiency is a key aspect, so the machine has many advantages for production from various non-ferrous materials.

Due to the dimensions of the worktable of 1020×720 mm, the machine is used for smaller types of products. The efficiency, accuracy and, above all, the quality of the surface is obvious, especially in various aluminium products, where great emphasis is placed on the machining quality. In addition, this is supported by high-quality small tools with a short cutting part.

The support of quality processing is, of course, cooling with alcohol, which underlines the workmanship.

However, the M8Cube CNC machine offers the same quality of processing of many types of plastics (PE, PA6, POM, ..), as well as products made of wooden materials; this expands other possibilities of our company in meeting requirements of each customer.


  • travel X: 1020 mm
  • travel Y: 720 mm
  • travel Z: 245 mm
  • feed speed: up to 22 m / min
  • max. spindle speed: up to 60,000 rpm.



The MERCURY CNC in a five-axis design is a woodworking centre with a console table and automatic tool changer. A typical feature is a robust construction with high rigidity, suitable for machining aluminium, which specifically requires high machine rigidity. For better damping of vibrations, the construction of the base is filled with concrete, which corresponds to the weight of the machine of about 7.3 t. A specific feature is the cantilever construction of the crossbar (arm).


  • travel X: 3220 mm
  • travel Y: 2150 mm
  • travel Z: 750 mm
  • feed speed: 70 m / min
  • max spindle speed: 24000 rpm


FC 4000 RAPID is a 5-axis woodworking centre with a console table and automatic tool changer. It is equipped with a 12-kW high-speed spindle with pneumatic tool release and HSKF63 ceramic bearings. The exchanger can hold 12 tools. Vacuum table with 50 mm clamping grid with M8 threads and pneumatically operated reference stops.


  • design: 5-axis
  • worktable size: 5000×1500 mm
  • travel X/Y/Z: 4000/1800/650 mm
  • stroke in C-axis: + -400 mm/
  • stroke in A-axis: -15/+ 130 mm
  • max. feed speed: 40 m/min
  • spindle speed: 0 – 24,000 rpm



The 3-axis Sahos Sprint milling centre is equipped with a high-speed spindle with a pneumatic tool changer with an output of 7.5 kW and continuously adjustable speed. The table surface is equipped with a clamping grid with a nominal spacing of 25×25 mm, with a built-in vacuum distribution for both work zones separately. The product can be clamped very quickly using vacuum suction cups; these can be freely distributed in a grid over the entire surface of the clamping table.


  • worktable size: 2800×1200 mm
  • travel X/Y/Z: 2900/1350/350 mm
  • max. feed speed: 75 m/min
  • spindle speed: 1000 – 24000 rpm


Technical parameters:

Work surface – 10 500 cm3 (25x21x20 cm)

External dimensions 42x42x38 cm, weight 6.5 kg, CE certification

Simple colour printing in layers

Layer height from 0.05 mm

Fast printing thanks to the original E3D V6 Full nozzle

0.4 mm nozzle for 1.75 mm printing string

Average consumption 70 W (PLA printing) or 110 W (ABS printing)

Supported materials – PLA, ABS, PET, HIPS, Flex PP, Ninjaflex, Laywood, Laybrick, Nylon, Bamboofill, Bronzefill, ASA, T-Glase, carbon fibre filaments, polycarbonate

Heated pad with cold corner compensation – ensures even cooling when printing all materials.

Aol CO2 laser for cutting and engraving of non-metallic materials

Technical parameters:

Working area (mm) 1600 × 1200

Laser power 100W / 150W

Repeatable accuracy ≤ + 0.01mm

Cooling type: water cooling

Voltage AC110V/220V + 10%, 50HZ/60HZ

Engraving speed 0-75,000mm/min

Cutting speed 0-40,000mm/min

Min. engraved size font: 1mmx1mm

Supported files DST, PLT, BMP, DXF, DWG, AL, LAS, etc.


The basic construction of the Proform CNC woodworking centre consists of weldments made of sheet metal shapes. These are then annealed to reduce internal stress and subsequently machined. A typical feature of this machine is the portal (bridge) construction of the crossbar, on which the X-axis drive servomotors (gantry) are mounted on both sides.

Machine control system

The centre is equipped with a modern control system SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840D SL. This control system cooperates with a number of CAD systems that are commonly used in designing environment (SOLID WORKS, PRO-E, etc.).

  • The working area of the control system is displayed on the LCD monitor placed in the mobile panel.
  • After being programmed, the machine can be operated using a portable hand control.
  • The control modules of the system can be connected remotely via the Internet to the HOUFEK service centre.


  • design: 3-axis
  • worktable size: 2000×1200 mm
  • travel X/Y/Z: 2250/1300/550 mm
  • max. feed speed: 50 m/min
  • spindle speed: max 20000 rpm



Sizing saw suitable for cutting flat materials and solid wood with a unique saw carriage storage system. Sizing saw with pre-cut with tilting and disc immersion. The mobile worktable with a length of 3200 mm is made of aluminium alloy with a surface finish. The high construction profile of the moving part of the table guarantees perfect rigidity and stability even with maximum unloading and high loads. The closed shape of the structure greatly reduces the ingress of dirt into the travel system. The fixed part of the table consists of a monolithic closed profile, which is not interrupted by any adjusting mechanism. Unique carriage travel system: Hardened steel guides are pressed into the dovetail groove both in the fixed and running part of the table along its entire length.


  • max. cutting height (blade: 400 mm): 140 mm (90 °) and 97 mm (45 °)
  • saw blade tilt: 45 °
  • sizing dimension: 3800×3200 mm
  • saw blade speed: 3000/4000/5000 rpm
  • pre-cut speed: 8500 rpm
  • saw blade motor power (mode S6): 5.5 (7) kW

2x column drill, milling machine – table size 735x210mm


precise cutting on 2.5 m wide guillotine shears


circular saw for metal, classic lathe 360 / 1000mm


sizing saw SC3