The scope of our business is machining and cutting materials from
  • plastic
  • wood
  • aluminium

Services we offer:

CNC milling

production of parts by processing non-metallic materials, excluding aluminium, on 3- and 5-axis CNC machining centres

3D models

moulds made of solid wood, MDF, multiplex plywood, artificial wood, plastic, or aluminium

CNC turning

on a 4-axis CNC lathe by DOOSAN, type LYNX 2100LYB with driven tools, Y-axis, and FANUC i-series control system

Machining of plastic products

cutting and machining of plastic mouldings and GRP parts

Co2 laser

for burning and engraving various parts made of PMMA, wood and other materials up to 8 mm thick

Plastic parts

for various branches of industry with a wide range of materials in various variants of thickness and colour (PE, PA, POM, PP…)


on a classic 360/1000 mm lathe with digital vernier for piece products and samples with respect to the required time

Plastic covers, holders, handles, stops

and many other products

Precise cutting and sawing

on 2.5 mm wide drop guillotine shears and sizing saw with pre-cut and digital indicator for precise and smooth edges of product

Serial and piece production

simple and complex shapes with various holes, grooves, shapes with the possibility of finishing threads, pressing inserts or precise holes made by a reamer


for example, your company logos on various products, with inscriptions in various colours, promotional items

Plexiglass and polycarbonate parts

or the sale of whole or cut sheets made of clear and cavernous material


mainly plexiglass and polycarbonate on a heat bender (or possibly other materials); polycarbonate up to 3 mm thick even when cold

Serving boards

plastic and wooden kitchen boards according to the shape of choice with possible engraving of logo, emblem, and other designs

CAD/CAM design works

data processing as available (.stp, .igs, .dxf, ...), in case of drawing documentation, redrawing into a 3D model, and subsequently creating CAM programs for machining using software of the renowned company SolidWorks

Worktable tops

milled to size or cut by a sizing saw with rounded edges of MULTIPLEX plywood of various thicknesses with the possibility of surface adjustment as desired

Other products

plastic groove nameplates, labels, and other tailor-made products as requested

We will be pleased to prepare an offer to your demand in any extent. Feel free to contact us!


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