Our company has been involved in the production of parts and components from non-metallic materials for ten years. Thanks to the craftmanship and skill of our employees, we have been succeeding in in realising orders of high quality and within the required deadlines for years.

The core of our success is understanding the requirements and needs of our customers in detail.

We offer

  • production of any complex products and CNC custom processing of non-metallic materials with a maximum size of 1.5×0.6×4 m

We make

  • 3D models, moulds made of solid wood, multiplex plywood, artificial wood, plastic, or aluminium
  • plastic parts not only for the refrigerating and automotive industries
  • plastic, GRP products
  • semi-finished products and products according to your requirements
  • serial and piece production of complex shapes (we provide material)
  • plastic groove labels, labels not only for growers, plastic covers, plexiglass and polycarbonate parts, plastic holders, stops, handles and many other products…


We divide and machine products made of solid wood, wood-fibre boards, plywood, artificial wood, MDF, hardened paper boards, acrylates (plexiglass), all plastics, laminates, PU panels, polyester and epoxy resins, etc. on CNC lathes and 3- and 5- axis machining centres. We also newly offer CNC lathe services and thus expand our possibilities.

  • CAD/CAM designing work in Solid Works
  • we process according to the drawing documentation supplied in advance (format .dxf, .stp, .igs…), or we create the documentation ourselves according to the sketch or the supplied sample
  • machining on a 3-axis and 5-axis machining centre
  • machining on a CNC lathe
  • cutting and machining of plastic mouldings and GRP parts
  • machining of stringer boards and production of semi-finished products for carpentry workshops
  • precise cutting with 2.5 m wide guillotine shears
  • turning with a classic 360/1000 mm lathe
  • machining with a milling machine – table size is 735x210mm
  • bending of plexiglass with a thermal bender
  • complex shape cutting of sheet metal for tinsmiths
  • engraving logos into any product
  • selling cut-outs and residual material (fiberglass, PMMA, MDF)
  • Protective PC pads for carpets and other smooth floors placed under office chairs with wheels
  • selling and installation of entrance roofing
  • selling GRP (laminate), PC and PMMA (clear, smoke, cavernous) boards